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All of the tasks you can do with hollow spectra line involve inserting other line materials inside of the hollow spectra line. Since the lines vary greatly in size, different sizes of needles are required to fit into the line that you are using. As the tolerances are very small, the size and shape of the needles are very important. Most of the previous commercially available needles use a thicker walled tubing material, and machine produced blunt "point" ends in their manufacture, which makes them larger in size and more difficult to use.

In the picture below you can see the needle point of our 60# threading needle on the bottom, and the competition's 60# threading needle's round ball like point on the top.

The inside chamber of the hollow spectra braid is tight. You can probably imagine the difference in effort the spectra fibers must go through to accept the two different point types. Which do you think works best for stretching and entering tight spectra braid?

You also should note the size difference having thinner walled tubing offers and the 100% polished smoothness of our needle products. Both of the above needles are for 60# mono line and both have the same interior size, or ID, of .032". The outside size, or OD, is .042" with our needle. The outside size of their 60# mono needle is .050". Being .008" larger may not seem like much difference to you, but to your hollow Spectra line, it could be a major difference - your line may accept our smaller needle and not their larger one. With all hollow Spectra line, having smaller needles is always better. All of these features allow our needle products to glide into your hollow Spectra line much easier than any other needle tools available.

We have researched all the appropriate tubing products available and are offering our DaHo Hollow Spectra Needles, made from Medical Grade 304 Stainless Steel tubing. There are four different standard wall thicknesses of the 304 Stainless Steel tubing available. We have selected the materials for each of the our various needle products to provide the best combination of small size, to make the job much easier to do, and strength to stand up to the task at hand.
Each of our needles is made using a combination of machine and hand steps. The points are machine made and hand finished. They are designed to thread through the hollow spectra line with ease, yet they have a rounded tip that is not sharp. Our rounded tip will not catch on the minute braided spectra threads while being threaded in your hollow spectra lines.

After each of our needles are made, they are fully polished. This is for two reasons. First, to ensure they will not snag on the fine internal threads of the spectra fibers. And, secondly, so our needles will glide through your hollow spectra line much easier than our competition's unpolished needles. Beside the shape of the point, we have found that polishing our needles reduces the time to complete a task, such as a loop or splice. It also makes it a much more enjoyable task to do as there is much less grip on the polished needles than with non-polished ones. Our full needle polishing even allows the use of some larger needles to be usable in your line compared to any non-polished needle.

In the picture below you can see the various terminating ends of our products, except for the hollow tube end in our threading needles. To the left is an example of the point that we put on all our needle products. In the center is the latch mechanism that we put into the trailing end of our Reverse Latch needle products. And, on the right is the loop that we put into the trailing end of our Loop Splicing needles.



After all our needle products are tested, they are packaged into a small 3/8" heavy walled waterproof plastic tube for their protection, and are secured with a plastic hanger plug cap. These hanger plug caps are easy to use and easier to find than most tube caps. Then, the needle tube is placed into a new 1" heavy walled waterproof outer plastic tube along with our new 12 page, 7"X7" instruction and information booklet that is rolled up in the outer tube. The outer tube also has a plastic hanger plug cap for ease of use and for display on tackle shop walls. Both of the product labels are also waterproof for endurance. The picture below shows all of the DaHo packaging materials and items you get with each new DaHo needle product - only the number and type of needles will vary. The picture below is for a three needle set.

After you have learned all of the great tasks that can be done to your hollow spectra line with your DaHo Needles, you might only want to carry the small needle tube with you in your tackle box. Many of our users like the compact size of the small needle tube for ongoing use in the field.

We offer three different types of hollow spectra needle tools - DaHo Hollow Threading Needles, DaHo Loop Splicing Needles, and the new DaHo Reverse Latch Splicing Needles. In the future, we will continue to offer additional tools and products to complement your abilities to use your hollow spectra lines better than ever before.

 Our Needle Product Lifetime Guarantee... 

 And remember, all of our needle products are guaranteed to be free from manufacturing or material defects for the lifetime of the product. If the purchaser has any defect with one of our needle products, they must email or write to us, stating the nature of the problem and send the product to our office for inspection. Once the needle product is determined to be defective, we will replace, repair or substitute the defective product with a product of equal value and function, and return it to you, via First Class Mail, at no charge.

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