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Instructional Materials for Using our Needle Products Available on the Internet

We have tried to give our customers a good understanding of how we recommend using our hollow spectra needle tools with the instruction booklet, that comes with each of our products, and throughout this website. We also know that there are many ways to do each of the many functions and tasks done with our products.

There are many good instructional materials available on the internet. On this page, we will try to list all of the instructional materials we have found on the internet that we feel are good instructions, and are applicable to use with our products. 

Hopefully, these links will help you find the material that you are searching for. We would also recommend that you use your favorite search program to find additional online material, that is added each day.

If you find any instructional materials, that you think should be included on this page, please email us about them. We will check the materials out and add all good materials that are not on this page. 

We will try to give the creators, of the instructional materials added to this page, full credit to their efforts. Our intent in referencing them here is only to give our customers access to the best material available.

This page is under construction and will be updated continually as new materials are found...

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