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   Do you need better tools?

Do you have a bunch of short spools of expensive line laying around that you cannot use?

Would you like to almost never have to replace your expensive lines?

Would you like to be able to make, and keep, your lines just the way you want them?

If you are involved in Big Game Sport Fishing, Kite Flying or other line oriented activities, and use Hollow Spectra lines, you probably need our products...

Keeping your expensive lines maintained and performing at their up most capabilities requires selecting good quality line products and the tools to use them.

If you are not using the new Hollow Spectra Super-Lines, or even Dacron, you are missing out on a lot of great features and cost savings in maintaining and configuring your lines. Spectra line is much stronger than other commercially available products for its size, and there is no line stretch.   Both of these features makes it highly desirable for most line based activities. Spectra lines come in two types - solid and hollow core. Both types are expensive and very strong, but with the hollow core spectra lines, you will never again have to replace your line because:

  • It broke off shorter than you need it to be
  • It has a damaged section in it
  • You need to attach it to another type of end section or device
  • You need to put a heavier, or lighter, section in it somewhere, for some reason
  • You want to have different end sections that you could swap out easily when desired or needed
  • You need it to have a stretching 'shock absorber' section in it
  • You need it to be less visible to the 'locals'
  • You need it to stand up to abrasion in any given part
The hollow braided spectra line can be internally threaded, using specialized needle tools, with other spectra line and types of line materials.  This allows the creation of a very wide variety of line configurations and capabilities. Due to the braiding process used in its creation, when pressure is applied to the length of spectra line, the braid tightens, applying pressure to the inside of the line. This pressure, over a short length of braid, will bind the line and any internal materials, commonly called a ‘Chinese Finger Cuff’. 

Using these techniques, hollow braided lines can be spliced together, added on to, and loop terminated with 100% line strength –  without knots of any kind. These features are of great value when it is needed to maintain lines of specific lengths, or of special needs - such as having heavier, or lighter, sections, or the need to attach different types of ends. If the line breaks, it can be restored to 100% strength without knots - just a simple splice.

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Product Announcements:

July '08 - We are pleased to announce the newest member of our needle family. It's our new Small Loop Splicing Needle. It is unique in size, at only .025in/.635mm OD, and is designed for hollow Spectra lines of 80lb and below. If you have and use these smaller hollow Spectra lines, you now have a loop splicing needle that you can use with ease...

August '08 - We dropped our online store and have dedicated our efforts to supporting our dealers in selling our products.

Sept '08 - We have a new member of our Threading Needle family. It's the new 50# Threading Needle. The ID of the needle is .026in/.67mm with an OD of just .036in/.91mm.

Sept '08 - We have added a completely new type of hollow spectra needle tool to our lineup. It was made from a design given to us by Jerry Brown, of Jerry Brown Industries. They are a major manufacturer of hollow spectra lines and he has wanted someone to make this needle tool for some time, so his hollow spectra line customers would have a better tool to use his lines. We are proud to now offer Jerry's Reverse Latch Needle. It is a tool that combines our threading needles and a latch mechanism, making a unique, easy to use tool for working with hollow spectra lines. You can read all about it on our Products Lines page.

Dec '08 - We have found a needle partner that will be making all of our needles from now on. We just couldn't hand make them fast enough or as good as our new needle supplier can make them. The new needles are superior to any needles offered anywhere. All of our needles have a newly designed point and are fully polished. The needle polishing makes them much easier to use and allows them to be used with smaller sized Spectra lines. You can find out all the features of our needles on the 'Our Needles' page.

Dec '08 - We are pleased to announce that we have expanded our needle packaging to include a new larger outer tube. This new outer tube will contain our 3/8" needle tube and a new 8 page, 7"X7" information and instructional booklet that will provide our customers with information and instructions on our needles and how to use them. You can see the new product packaging on the 'Our Needles' page.

Dec '08 - We are proud to announce a new member to the Reverse Latch Needle Family. The new needle is the much anticipated small size. It has an OD of .0355" and will work well with 60# and higher hollow Spectra lines.

June '09
- We are again proud to announce five new members to our needle product lines. These new needles will be available on June 15th. Most of them are for use with very large or small spectra lines. These needles are in our new 'special sizes' needle group. Because of their limited market, they will not be included in our standard needle sets. We have created two new sets that will include them. We are introducing three new Threading needles that are designed for use with 300#, 400# and 500# mono and fluorocarbon lines. We also are announcing a new X-Large Loop Splicing needle for use with the larger size spectra lines above 300#. Our last new product is a new medium size Loop Splicing needle, with an OD of .042". This new needle will align the sizes of our Loop Splicing needles to match our Reverse Latch product line.

July '09 - We have changed our needle product guarentee from one year to lifetime in duration. The purchaser can return any defective product to us and if we find it to be defective in any way, we will repair, replace or substitute the defective product with one of like value and functionality, for as long as the customer own the product. During our two years in business we have only had 7 products returned as defective, and our products keep getting better in durability and design.

Sept '09 - We changed our instruction booklet, that comes with every needle product we sell, from 8 pages to 12 pages in length. We still have basically the same information, but have enlarged all of the pictures so they were easier to see. We use the same pictures that we use on our Tech Tips page, but they are more difficult to see when they are much smaller.

March '10 - We are proud to announce three new members to our threading needle product line. These new additons complete the lower end sizes, and are designed to be used with 20#, 30# and 40# mono and fluorocarbon lines. These new smaller needles will be used in the lower size end of salt water fisheries, and the upper end of fresh water fisheries. We expect the higher end fresh water fisheries tto become more interested in all of the features of using hollow spectera line as more lower size lines become available.

Aug '11 - We have changed our threading needle sizes from a specific size to a range of line sizes from the previous needle size to the old single size. For example, in the past we had 130#, 150# and 200# sizes of threading needles. Now, the size will be 130 to 150#, 150 to 200#, etc. Please see the threading needle tables on the Product Lines and Product Offerings pages to see the new threading needle sizes or descriptions. This change will help to better identify the size of lines that will fit into our threading needles as there are many different physical sizes for each published size of monofilament and fluorocarbon lines. The customer should check the Monofilament/Fluorocarbon Line Size for Our Threading Needles tables we have on the Reference Materials page to select the correct size needle for their specific line.

Read all about our DaHo hollow spectra needle products here and thanks for stopping by...










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