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Line Sizes

In this section, each of our needle products will be listed along with all their specifications. The needles in our standard size offerings will be in the ‘standard’ black font and the special size group needles will be shown in blue.

DaHo Threading Needles


Model  Description Tube
OD Size  ID Size*
N02017  10 to 20# Small Threading Needle  5.3″  .025″/.635mm  .017″/.430mm 
N03020  20 to 30# Small Threading Needle  5.4″  .028″/.710mm  .020″/.510mm
N04023  30 to 40# Small Threading Needle  5.5″ .032″/.810mm  .023″/.580mm 
N05026 40 to 50# Threading Needle 5.6″ .036″/.90mm .026″/.67mm
N06032 50 to 60# Threading Needle  5.7″ .042″/1.06mm   .032″/.81mm  
N08038 60 to 80# Threading Needle  5.8″ .050″/1.27mm  .038″/.96mm 
N10042  80 to 100# Threading Needle  5.9″ .058″/1.48mm  .042″/1.06mm 
N13047  100 to 130# Threading Needle  6.0″ .058″/1.48mm  .047″/1.19mm 
N15053  130 to 150# Threading Needle  6.1″ .065″/1.65mm  .053″/1.35mm 
N20060 150 to 200# Threading Needle  6.2″ .072″/1.83mm  .060″/1.50mm 
N30067 200 to 300# BIG Threading Needle  6.3″ 083″/2.11mm  .067″/1.70mm 
N40077 300 to 400# BIG Threading Needle  6.4″ 095″/2.41mm  .077″/1.96mm 
N50091 400 to 500# BIG Threading Needle  6.5″ 0109″/2.77mm  .091″/2.31mm 


* The ID sizes of our threading needles can vary up to .002″ due to the SS tube manufacturing process. It is recommended that you select a needle that is at least .002″ larger than your line for ease of use. It can be difficult to fit an exact size of line into a needle. We have created an PDF and Excel spreadsheet files that will show both mono and fluoro lines. The correct size of threading needle for each size and type of line we could find size data for on the web is listed. 

DaHo Loop Splicing Needles


 Model Description  OD Size   
LS0250 X-Small Loop Splicing Needle .0250″/.635mm
LS0355  Small Loop Splicing Needle .0355″/.90mm
LS0420 Medium Loop Splicing Needle .0420″/1.06mm
LS0500 Large Loop Splicing Needle .0500″/1.27mm
LS0650 X-Large Loop Splicing Needle .0650″/1.65mm

DaHo Reverse Latch Needles

Model Description  OD Size 
RL0355 Small Reverse Latch Needle  .0355″/.90mm
RL0420 Medium Reverse Latch Needle  .042″/1.06mm 
 RL0500 Large Reverse Latch Needle .050″/1.27mm 

DaHo Hollow Spectra Needle Sets

In this section, each of our sets of needle products will be listed. The only sets that contain needles from our special sizes group will be shown in blue.


  Model    Description 
CLtttl**  Combo Set with one Threading & Loop Splicing Needles – 2 Standard Needle Set
CLRtttlr** Combo Set with one Threading, Loop Splicing & Reverse Latch Needles – 3 Standard Needle Set
CLRlr** Combo Set with any one Loop Splicing and one Reverse Latch Needles – 2 Standard Needle Set
CLSSET  Set of all three Standard Loop Splicing Needles 
CRLSET  Set of all three Standard Reverse Latch Splicing Needles 
CNSET  Set of all seven Standard Threading Needles 
CFLSET  Set of all seven Threading and all three Loop Splicing Needles – 10 Standard needles
CBIGNSET Complete set of all 13 of our Threading Needles – from 20# to 500# 
CBIGSET Complete BIG Set of 5 Needles – three BIG Threading and the X-Large and Large Loop Splicing Needles
CFRLSET Complete set of 13 Standard Needles – all seven Threading, all three Loop Splicing and all three Reverse Latch Needles 
CFBRLSET Complete set of all 18 of our Needles – all ten Threading, all five Loop Splicing and all three Reverse Latch Needles – Includes Special Size Needles

**” – Model number will vary where ‘ttt’ is the size code of the Threading Needle (050# thru 200#) and the ‘l’ is the Standard size code (L, M or S) of the Loop Splicing Needle and ‘r’ is the Standard size code (L, M or S) of the Reverse Latch Needle. These sets do not have a UPC code attached to them.