DaHo Loop Splicing Needles

DaHo Loop Splicing Needles are mainly used to insert one piece of spectra line inside another. They can also be useful in ‘opening up’ the inside of the hollow spectra line so larger tools can be more easily used. Instead of being hollow inside, the loop splicing needle has a wire loop attached to its trailing end. Below is a picture showing the detail of the DaHo Loop Splicing Needle ends.

The needle is inserted into the Spectra line being spliced, and the end of the other piece of spectra line is inserted into the needle’s wire loop. As the needle is inserted into the line being spliced, the other piece of line is pulled along with it. When done, the needle is brought out of the line being spliced, and the end of the line attached to the needle wire loop is tightened to complete one side of the splice, or the terminating loop, as the case may be.

Typically, thicker walled tubing is used for these needles, as the focus is not on the needle’s internal open size, but on strength, and the always important overall small size. The primary size of the needle is the OD, or Outside Diameter, and what sizes of spectra lines it would best be used with.

We have two loop splicing needles in our special sizes group. Our X-Large loop needle is designed for use with very large hollow spectra lines not commonly used by most customers. And, our X-Small loop splicing needle is the only .025″ OD in size and is the smallest spectra tool offered by anyone. It is built from a 304 stainless steel tube, as all our products, but because of its size, we have filled it with a solid 304 SS wire. This design gives it the strength of a tube, but it will not crease like a tube if it is ever bent. This needle can be bent and straightened without tube damage. It is the only one that can be used in the new 50# and below, smaller hollow spectra lines. 

We make five different sizes of DaHo Loop Splicing Needles.  The special sizes group needles are shown in blue below. They are listed in the table below:

 Model Description  OD Size    Spectra Sizes 
LS0250 X-Small Loop Splicing Needle .0250″/.635mm 50#  to 80#
 LS0355  Small Loop Splicing Needle  .0355″/.90mm  60# to 130#
LS0420 Medium Loop Splicing Needle  .0420″/1.06mm 80# to 200#
 LS0500  Large Loop Splicing Needle  .0500″/1.27mm 130# to 300#
LS0650 X-Large Loop Splicing Needle .0650″/1.65mm 300# and up