In the past, most of the hollow spectra needle tools were offered in large sets, or kits, that covered a very large range of line sizes. To a few people that had the need to work with many different sizes of lines, this was a great deal. But to most folks, this meant that they had to buy an expensive set of needle tools, most of which, they would never need or use.

Recently, due to customer demand, some competitors have offered smaller kits, but these again only reduced down the problem a little as they still required the customer to purchase tools that they probably wouldn’t use.

DaHo Products saw this problem as an opportunity, and made it our mission to resolve it once and for all. We sell every needle we make individually. So, if you only need one needle, that is all you have to buy. We also offer a variety of sets for those folks that need a specific set of needle tools. Our sets range from a single threading and single loop splicing needle set for those folks that only use one type of line set. We also have a set that adds Reverse Latch needle, which is the ultimate set of hollow spectra tools for folks that only use one set of line sizes. We also offer a variety of larger sets that offer various sorts of our needle products as the customer want them. We also offer full sets for those folks that need them.

In our newest product offerings, we have added five new needles to address those customers that use very large or small hollow spectra lines. We call these our “Special Sizes” group and offer them individually and in two specialized sets. We want to have a needle tool solution for every customer’s needs.

In addition, the quality and ease of use of our needles far surpass the competition’s products. The whole purpose and mission of hollow spectra needle products is to go inside the tight center of the spectra braid. Our needles are smaller in size than the competition and our points are designed to enter the tight core of the line with minimal trauma. Remember the points…

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